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Wintertime hours and it gets dark early.  Dr. Tim Seidlitz took this neat photo of our store about closing time one evening and we’re glad he shared it with us.


                                Global warming?

 We’ve always known that our business is very much affected by the weather.  Customers aren’t inclined to buy a garden hose when it’s raining or a snow shovel when the sun is shining.  Couple that with the fact that all of us are reluctant to go out in the rain or snow unless we have to, and you can see what we mean.  All well and good except that Mother Nature gets into the mix in the form of drought years, followed by record setting winter rainfall, followed by a long hot summer.  How are we supposed to plan or predict or be prepared?  Fortunately, the supply chain for hardware stores is much better than it was 40 years ago.  We made it through last summer without running out of garden hoses or air conditioners, and so far this winter we haven’t run out of  snow shovels and ice melter.    Wonder what’s coming next!

                                       We’re back !

January 9, 2015 is a date we’ll remember as the busy Friday afternoon that was shattered when an out of control car crashed through the front of our store and destroyed everything in its path for 50 ft all the way to the center of the store.

Repairing the damage took over five months which seems like a long time (it is!) but when you consider what we’ve been through it isn’t that unreasonable.  Half of the front of the building was demolished – our beautiful wood and brass entry doors were shattered – plate glass display windows were gone – display fixtures from the front of the store to the middle were crushed – our beautiful antique oak check out counter was smashed beyond repair – computers, peripheral equipment and electrical service were so violently ripped out that files in the main computer were corrupted – our 99 year old red fir floor was scraped so badly that the scars are still there even after refinishing – thousands of dollars in merchandise was destroyed or so damaged that it can’t be sold.  People who were on the scene said it was “like a bomb went off.”

The wheels of restoration moved more slowly than we wanted of course, but dealing with insurance, building inspectors, architects, contractors and sub-contractors took an agonizing amount of time.  Small town rumors spread that we were “milking the insurance company and having a nice vacation.”  Never mind that we were in the store virtually every day dealing with the red tape and keeping the badly wounded business afloat with virtually no sales from January to mid June.  Insurance paid our bills but cannot replace the spring gardening business we missed, the early fishing season business we lost, the town festivals (Railroad Days and Dogwood Days) we couldn’t take part in, and a half year of revenue.

But we’re back!

True Value Hardware has delivered our first restocking order and other suppliers will be doing the same.  New computers, store fixtures, building front, entry doors, check-out counter, and fresh inventory are here to welcome our customers who have waited so patiently for us to re-open.  And we’re loving being back.



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