Look Around

     Take a look around our store – you might be             surprised by what you find !

       Traditional hardware nuts and bolts and brackets and

braces and latches and turnbuckles and hinges and

all kinds of other interesting stuff.


 Housewarespots and pans and toasters and

blenders and mixing bowls and serving-ware

and lots of kitchen gadgets.


        Gardeninghoses and nozzles and sprinklers and bug

         bombs and mouse traps and of course shovels and

        rakes and things to get your hands dirty with.


Plumbingfaucets and washers, pipe wrenches and

 drain cleaners, wax rings and sump pumps, garbage

 disposals and pvc, abs, copper, brass and galvanized.


        Sporting goods –   Rods and reels, hooks and sinkers,

 camping gear, ammo and firearms accessories, and

 even imported Canadian night crawlers.

Model trains – a great selection of rolling stock and

accessories.  Locomotives, cabooses,

tank cars, gondolas and more.

Musicmusic in a hardware store?  Sure – why not!

You won’t find any gangsta rap or heavy metal

in our assortment but some good adult music cds.

Good listening.

Office supplies –  everything you might need for

school or office.  Computer supplies,

paper and pens, markers and staples, and our

public access copier.

 Gold panning honest – you can pan for gold

locally and we have pans, sluice boxes,

specimen bottles and instruction books.

Strike it rich!

AND THAT’S NOT ALL – – – We haven’t even mentioned our clothing (Dickies blue jeans, t-shirts, socks, jackets, hats and gloves), or our giftware (unusual and sometimes a bit quirky), or our electronics (telephones, audio and video cords and connectors and computer supplies), or our seasonal supplies (from ice melter in the winter to fertilizers in the summer).  If you don’t see it here just ask – – – and if we don’t have it we’ll order it.

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