Up here in this part of California (the best part) a lot of folks participate in small ammo shooting sports, whether they are hunters, target shooters, plinkers, competitive shooters, or just want to take the grandkids out to shoot soda cans.  We stock a nice selection of quality AMMO for rifles, shotguns and handguns even including the hard-to-find .22 cartridges.  California laws changed this year to require a background check when purchasing ammo.  It’s a frustration, but we can help make it as painless as possible.

   These things are amazing!  WOOD STOVE FANS that increase the efficiencystove fan of your wood stove and reduce the amount of wood you need to burn.  They require no electricity and no batteries – you simply set them on top of your wood stove and the heat from the stove is used to create enough energy to turn the little motor and drive the fan blades and gently push the heat out into your room.  We have three sizes to suit your situation.  Come on in and see one working on our wood stove.  They’re amazing!

These are great denim blue jeans!   DICKIES BLUE JEANS have been made for manydickies years and are comfortable, durable, and good fitting.  We carry a full range of sizes to fit almost everybody and they are JUST $19.99.  We also stock Dickies bib overalls and carpenter shorts for summertime wear.  Other clothing items include t-shirts, socks, suspenders, and jackets.


cast ironYour grandmother probably used CAST IRON COOKWARE.  We have stocked it for many years and feature good American made Lodge brand cast iron frying pans, griddles and Dutch ovens in a variety of sizes.  All of the pieces are pre-seasoned so you don’t have to prepare them like grandma had to do.  Cast iron is healthy to use, foods honestly taste better, there is no Teflon coating to flake off and they just get better and better with age.-

LED bulbs!  They are the hot option right now in this changing situation.led bulb 2  Incandescent bulbs are all but gone except for a few specialty bulbs.  Compact fluorescent bulbs (the curly ones) are starting to be phased out, and  LED (Light Emitting Diode) type bulbs will replace them.  We have a tremendous special on a variety of LED bulbs at terrific prices.  The prices are subsidized by the power company and by True Value Hardware and we can pass the savings on to you.  Come on in and check them out. 

lye soapDid your Grandma make lye soap?  Maybe your great Grandma?  It’s been around for over a hundred years and is amazing stuff.  Forget the old tales that it will “take your hide off” because this is very mild soap for hand washing, face washing or your regular shower soap.  It’s pure soap that contains no perfumes, preservatives, or other additives.  Perfect for sensitive or irritated skin.  A generous 6oz bar – made in USA – is JUST $4.99 


Our TRUE VALUE PAINT is consistently highly rated by consumer magazines.  We carry a terrific variety of paints – exterior and interior, flat, satin, semi-gloss and gloss, oil and latex, and literally hundreds of colors that we can custom mix.  We use it ourselves and highly recommend it.  Our every day prices are frequently better than other brands when they are on sale.



THE DUNSMUIR BOOK !  Filled with over 225 fascinating historic photos (including some from our collection on display in the store) and the story of the Historic Railroad Town.  This is a wonderful reference for history buffs and a great book for anybody who connects with Dunsmuir.  Read about the early settlers, the railroad, the resorts, the legend of the fountain, mining, logging, the great fires, the businesses and the people who made the town.  JUST $21.99


NOW HERE IS THE REAL DEAL !  You could buy the whole store!  It’s a well established (120 years) store with a tremendous image as the centerpiece of the Dunsmuir historic business district, a strong customer base and a tourist attraction in addition to being a full service modern True Value hardware store.  It’s a strong business that is growing and relatively unaffected by recession. It’s located in a nice small town in an incredible scenic mountain area that is a perfect place to live a healthy life-style and raise a family.  We’re in the mood to retire after doing this for over 40 years and would like to sell the business, the building (listed as a contributing building in the historic district), all the fixtures, equipment, inventory, and even the amazing antiques collection.  The whole thing!  It’s a wonderful opportunity for a family business in the way that we’ve done it and there is certainly room for new ideas and directions.  You can learn more about the business by exploring around this website. If you or somebody you know might have an interest – get in touch.

These specials are good while supplies last. 

updated – June 28, 2020